Orinoco Coffee & Tea

Our coffee roots began in 1909 when our great grandfather Leonardo Alarcon first started collecting and sorting coffee beans for a local coffee exporter in southwest Venezuela. Like the Orinoco River that flows through our homeland of Venezuela, our family has traveled many miles west, then north and finally east, settling near the seaboard of the Atlantic Ocean.

Today, Orinoco’s heritage includes four generations of growers, exporters, importers, and roasters. Columbia, Maryland is our new home, but our goal remains: to consistently provide excellent coffee and tea products to retailers, local coffee shops, and multi-store grocery chains across Maryland, D.C., New York, and Virginia. (Been to a Dean & Deluca, Balducci’s, or the Tynan Coffee House in D.C.? Then you’ve experienced our coffee! Here are a few other places where you might find our coffee and teas.)

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